Articles Exercises 2 - a/an/the

A) Complete the following exercise with a / an or the articles. Put "x" where no article is needed.

According to National Weather Service, cyclones are areas of circulating winds that rotate counterclockwise in Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in Southern Hemisphere. They are generally accompanied by some kind of precipitation and by stormy weather. tornadoes and hurricanes are types of cyclones, as are typhoons, which are storms that occur in western Pacific Ocean. hurricane is cyclone that forms over tropical oceans and seas and has winds of at least seventy-four miles hour. hurricane rotates in shape of oval or circle. hurricanes can cause great environmental damage. Hurricane Andrew, which hit coasts of Louisiana and southern Florida in August 1992, caused extreme devastation. In terms of environmental damage, Hurricane Andrew is one of most devastating hurricanes ever to hit United States. Fourteen people died because of Andrew's effects.

B) More examples of a, an or the - Articles Exercises 2

1-2. We have beautiful garden. garden is full of roses.

3-4. Is fencing popular sport in world? No, it isn’t.

5. I'd like glass of orange juice please.

6. Can you give me envelope, please?

7. Certainly. Oh! Where’s envelope?

8. Is there post office near here?

9. They’re at cinema.

10. My brother is in classroom.

11. Would you like hamburger?

12. Selena has got cat.

13. What is cat’s name?

14-15. school is very cold. Hasn’t it got central heating system?

16. It has, but central heating is broken down.

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