Similar English Words

A list of similar English words that are most confused such as advice and advise or complement and compliment... Below is a good word reference to help you avoid misusing those words with similar spellings and / or pronunciations.

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Comparisons of Similar Words

Advice (Noun)

Affect (Verb: Influence, noun: feeling)

Altar (Noun: In a Church)

Beside (Preposition: At the side of)

Cite (Noun: Mention)

Complement (Noun: Accessory, Verb: accompany)

Discreet (Adjective: Prudent)

Elicit (Verb: Draw forth)

Eminent (Adjective: Prominent)

Envelop (Verb: Surround)

Forbear (Verb: Refrain)

Lightening (Adjective: Getting lighter)

Loath (Adjective: Reluctant)

Moral (Noun: Ethics Adjective: Ethical)

Passed (Verb: Preterit of Pass)

Precede (Verb: Come before)

Principal (Adj.: 1st, main, Noun: Leader, highest authority)

Stationary (Adjective: Motionless)

Than (Prep. & Conj. Used with comparison)

Who's (Contraction of "Who is")

Wreak (Verb: Damage)

E.G. (Abbreviation of example (Latin root))
Advise (Verb)

Effect (Verb: Bring about; noun: results)

Alter (Verb: To change)

Besides (Conjunction: In addition to)

Site (Noun: Place)

Compliment (Noun & Verb: Praise)

Discrete (Adjective: Separate)

Illicit (Adjective: Illegal)

Imminent (Adjective: Soon to occur)

Envelope (Noun: For mailing)

Forebear (Noun: Ancestor)

Lightning (In the sky)

Loathe (Verb: Despise)

Morale (Noun: Spirits)

Past (Noun: History, Adj.: Gone, Prep.: By)

Proceed (Verb: Continue)

Principle (Noun: Rule)

Stationery (Noun: Paper)

Then (Adverb: Used with notions of time)

Whose (Pronoun, Adjective, Possessive Adj.)

Wreck (Noun: Destruction)

Ex. (Abbreviation of Example)

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