Accept vs Except vs Expect

These words sound/look similar, except, as you would expect, they have different meanings.

I was expecting everyone to accept except for Henry.

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Similar English Words


It means "to be in agreement" or "to admit to do something".

For example:

He accepted to sign the contract.
Having studied hard, Rebecca was accepted to the university.
The professor accepted to do a lecture about global development.
He accepted our invitation. (he said "yes" to our invitation offer)


It means "to exclude something" not to include.

For example:

We all passed our class except Tom.
Everybody was willing to join the competition except Mary.
The teacher excepted the new student. (she didn't include him)


It means "to anticipate" or "to wait for something".

For Example:

Don’t expect miracles and do something!
I didn't expect to see you so soon.
They were expected to leave soon.

Quick Exercise

Choose accept, except or expect.

1. I your generous offer.

2. I don't him to understand me.

3. I am someone for dinner.

4. Everybody had breakfast for Diana.

5. Jenna to marry me.

Correctness =
Correct answers:

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