Fit or Suit

These are often confused and are used interchangeably; yet, fit and suit are different and we can't use them interchangeably.

The dress fits your size.
The dress suits your character.

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It's a word referring to "dimension or shape", in other words, whether something is the right size or not.

For example:

This shirt doesn't fit me, I need a bigger size.
That one fits me perfectly; it’s definitely the right size.
I think you have put on too much weight lately as your clothes don’t fit you anymore.
I hope this table will fit in our dining room.
Which size do you think fits me better?


It's a word referring to "style or matter of choice", in other words, whether something looks good on someone or something or not.

For Example:

That skirt really suits her, she must put it on.
Dark colors don’t suit me well as I am a brunette.
This tie suits with your shirt better.
Our new carpet suited with our armchairs.


We can also use the word “suit” for arrangements.

Does 3 o’clock suit you?
4 would suit me better.

Quick Exercise

Select fit or suit.

1. Will this medium size shirt Jenna?

2. I don't think that dress her, it is more for younger people.

3. We will never in that tiny car.

4. We need to somehow it through this entrance.

5. Does next weekend you to go on a vacation?

Correctness =
Correct answers:

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