Advice or Advise

To advise someone vs to give someone advice, see differences with examples and quick exercise to supplement your learning.

He advised me to see the counselor.
His advice was to see the counselor.

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It is a noun meaning "proposal or recommendation".

For example:

I strongly need some good advice about studying abroad.
On your advice, I decided to go to Spain for a vacation.
If you take my advice, you will not regret it.

Note: Advice has irregular plural and is both singular and plural.
(Take an advice / Take many advice)


It is a verb meaning "to give advice or to recommend".

For example:

I advise you to buy this bracelet.
My counselor advised me to talk to professor Hardy.
One of my friends advised me to see this movie.

Quick Exercise

Choose advice or advise.

1. I am never going to listen to his again.

2. Carla doesn't need to be , she is a very smart girl.

3. Come over tonight and I will give you some .

4. Mr. Pewterschmidt always Peter not to do anything foolish.

5. Mr. Griffin's was very useful.

Correctness =
Correct answers:

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