Dead vs Death vs Died Meanings

Difference With Examples:

The criminal died at the accident scene.

His death was tragic.

He was dead when the ambulance arrived at the accident scene.

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We use dead as an adjective.

I saw a dead bird lying in its cage.
As the battery is dead, we won’t be able to use the flashlight.


It’s the past participle form of the verb die.

My grandfather died seven years ago.
Since the hurricane hit the city two days ago, 50 people died.
Tommy died in a plane crash last year.


It is used as a noun meaning opposite of alive.

After his wife's death, he secluded himself in the desert of Arabia.

Quick Exercise

Choose dead, died, or death.

1. Many people when the bridge collapsed due to the storm.

2. Evil brought upon them.

3. Our former president two years ago.

4. Even if they are , I am frightened of mice.

5. The can't talk.

6. Do you believe in life after .

7. Vultures feed on animals.

8. Ancient Romans were not afraid of .

9. The police inspector in the assault.

10. The warden wanted the escaped convicts back or alive.

Correctness =
Correct answers:

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