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If Clauses Exercises
Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Please keep your voice down in this section of the library. If you ---- to talk loudly, I will have to ask you to leave.

could continue
would continue

2. Gloria never seems to get tired. I wish I ---- her energy

would have
have had

3. "Why didn't Bill get the promotion he was expecting?"
"He may not be qualified. If he were, he ---- that promotion last year."

would have been given
were given
would give
was given

4. If I could find Bob's phone number, I ---- him about the change in plans. Maybe somebody else will call him

had called
could call
have called

5. "How do you like your new apartment?"
"The apartment itself is great, but I wish I ---- used to the constant noise from the street below."

can get
had gotten
will get

6. If I ---- following that other ear too closely, I would have been able to stop in time instead of running into it.

hadn't been
would have been

7. "Why aren't you going mountain climbing with the rest of us next weekend?"
"To be honest with you, I'm a coward. If I were brave, I ---- with you."

would have gone
would go
will go

8. I'm really sleepy today. I wish I ---- Ted to the airport late last night.

didn't have to take
weren't taking
hadn't had to take
didn't take

9. "Why didn't you teli me you were having so many problems?"
"I ---- you, but I figured you had enough to worry about without my problems, so said nothing."

would tell
would have told
would be telling
had told

10. A nation's balance of trade Is considered unfavorable if it ---- more money on imports than it gains from exports.

will spend
would spend

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