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If Clauses Exercises
Choose the correct option for each sentence.

1. When I stopped talking, Sam finished my sentence for me as though he ---- my mind.

has read
had read
can read

2. If you ----, I would have brought my friends over to your house last night to watch TV, but I didn't want to bother you.

have studied
hadn't been studying
didn't study

3. I wish I --- you some money for your rent, but I'm broke myself.

can lend
would have lent
could lend
will lend

4. If someone ---- into the store, smile and say, "How may I help you?"

will come
would come
could have come

5. "Are we lost?" "I think so. I wish we ---- a map with us."

were bringing
had brought
would bring

6. "Here is my phone number." "Thanks. I will give you a call if I ---- some help tomorrow."

will need
would need

7. If I weren't working for an accounting firm, I ---- in a bank.

will work
have worked
would be working

8. Ed invested a lot of money with a dishonest adviser, and lost nearly all of it. Now he is having serious financial problems. He --- in this position if he had listened to some of his friends.

will be
wouldn't be
won't be
hadn't been

9. The world ---- a better place now if we had known a hundred years ago what we know today about the earth's environment.

will be
can be
might be

10. The medicine made me feel dizzy. I felt as though the room ---- around and around.

were spinning
will spin
would be spinning

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