Modal Auxiliaries Exercise

Complete the sentences with the most appropriate modal auxiliaries given below. (3 extra modals)

don’t have tocouldhad to (x2)have tocan
didn’t need tomighthas tomustwas able to

1. You buy a ticket. The entrance is free of charge.

2. We speak loudly in the library.

3. I am not so sure, but my brother visit us tomorrow.

4. Everybody be over 18 to get into this night club.

5. I borrow my friend’s car because mine broke down yesterday.

6. We take a lot of cash with us as they accepted credit card.

7. My son swim so fast when he was young.

8. I think, you take an aspirin if your headache is getting worse.

9. We have enough people today, so we play some football.

10. I repair my car myself as I didn't have money to pay a mechanic.

11. I answer the phone right now as I am in a meeting.

12. You attend to the meeting otherwise we will lose valuable business.

13. The only reason he pass his driving test last week is because I trained him.

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