Passives With Modals Exercise 2

Use the given verb in either active or passive form with the most suitable modal.

1. She is very lazy. If you want her to do anything, she ---- (force) to do it.

2. The hospital in that small town is very old and can no longer serve the needs of the community. A new hospital ---- (build) years ago.

3. Whales ---- (save) from extinction.

4. We can't wait any longer! Something ---- (do) immediately.

5. In my opinion, she ---- (elect) because she is honest, knowledgeable, and competent.

6. The manager ---- (please) with me so I got a pay rise in my salary.

7. The class for next semester is too large. It ---- (divide) in half, but there's not enough money in the budget to hire another teacher.

8. Polly ---- (return) these books by next Friday.

9. This application ---- (send) to the personnel department soon.

10. A: Ann didn't expect to see her boss at the labor union meeting.
     B: She ---- (surprise) when she saw him.
     C: She was.

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