Past Passive vs Simple Past Exercise

Choose active simple past tense vs past passive voice.

Abner Doubleday and Baseball in America

Nothing seems to be more American than baseball. Its tradition is clean and clear. People think that Abner Doubleday baseball in 1839 at Cooperstown, New York. They are mistaken, however, because baseball by Abner Doubleday. Moreover, there is no evidence to show that Doubleday ever a baseball game in his life. Unfortunately, most fans today still believe this myth of the game's origin. Fortunately, the sport's beginnings are much more interesting and varied than those that most people believe. In fact, of all popular American sports, only basketball by an individual. A man called James Naismith to create a co-educational, recreational sport and so he basketball. The truth is, baseball into America from England in a simple form. Many people cricket in the 19th century America and later, they picked up the game of baseball for recreation, because it did not have many rules. Until about 1860, cricket matches large crowds, but baseball contests by only a few spectators, mostly women and children. In time, however, the combination of the two sports produced the beginning of baseball, as we know it today.

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