Active and Passive Exercise 6

Use the given verb in either active or passive form in a suitable tense.

1. At the present time, the oldest house in town ---- (restore) by the Historical Society. When the restoration is finished, the house is sure to be a popular tourist attraction.

2. A: What a beautiful old wooden chest!
    B: It ---- (build) by my grandfather over fifty years ago.

3. At one time, the entire world ---- (rule) by dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs ---- (walk) on their hind legs and ---- (stand) as tall as palm trees.

4. Disneyland is a world famous amusement park in Southern California. It ---- (visit) by more than ten million people every year.

5. Many of us take water for granted in our daily lives, but people who live in the desert ---- (not use) water carelessly. To them, each drop is precious.

6. I ---- (not agree) with people who say space exploration is a waste of money.

7. Do you really think that we ---- (invade) by creatures from outer space in the near future?

8. Most insects ---- (live) for less than a year. The common housefly ---- (live) from 19 to 30 days.

9. ---- (you, accept, already) by this university when you heard about the other scholarship?

10.I got into a taxi quickly because I ---- (follow) by two strange men. As soon as I got into the taxi, I ---- (feel) a little safer.

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