Active and Passive Sample Sentences

1. Someone has already paid the electrician for his work.

The electrician has already been paid for his work.

2. They taught him French and gave him a dictionary.

He was taught French and given a dictionary. (by them)

3. When we first met, they had already offered me a job at the bank.

I had already been offered a job at the bank. (by them)

4. A man requested the stranger to leave the meeting.

The stranger was requested to leave the meeting. (by a man)

5. A young woman asked the rest of us to be there at eight.

Rest of us was asked to be there at eight. (by a young woman)

6. They had eaten all the dinner before they finished the conversation.

All the dinner had been eaten before they finished the conversation.

7. Who wrote it?

By whom was it written?

8. The author has written a special edition for children.

A special edition for children has been written by the author.

9. Did he offend you?

Were you offended by him?

10. Why didn’t they fix the roof?

Why wasn't the roof fixed? (by them)

11. The burglars had cut a huge hole in the steel door.

A huge hole was cut in the steel door by the burglars.

12. The organizers will exhibit the paintings till the end of the month.

The paintings will be exhibited by the organizers till the end of the month.

13. When did they ring the church bells?

When were the church bells rung. (by them)

14. Does listening to music disturb you?

Are you disturbed by listening to music?



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