Passive Voice Sentences

Forming Passive Sentences

Object + A Form of 'Be' + V3

The letters + were + delivered.
The top student + was + rewarded.

Use of Passive Voice

  • When you don't know the person who performed the action.

        The bank was robbed.

  • When it is not important who performed the action.

         Harvard University was founded in 1636.

  • When the performer is not a specific person.

        English is spoken in many countries around the world.

  • When you prefer not to mention the name of the performer.

        I was told that you didn't go to work today.

  • Used with a performer: by + performer

        The cake was made by my cousin.


In a passive sentence, If we want to mention what caused or who did the action, we use the agent (by...........)

Active: Charles Dickens wrote many novels.
Passive: Many novels were written by Charles Dickens.

See passive voice tense chart.

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