Stative Passive Verbs List

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Stative Verbs

Verbs that indicate state passive are mostly used with a preposition.

For Example:

I am interested in folk music.
She is married to an American.
I’m satisfied with the progress.
Ann was disappointed with her score.

Alphabetical List


be absorbed in
be accustomed to
be acquainted with
be addicted to
be amazed at
be annoyed with someone
be annoyed at/about something
be associated with
be astonished at


be based on
be bored with
be blessed with


be committed to
be composed of
be concerned about
be confused with
be connected to /with
be convinced of
be coordinated with
be crowded with
be covered with/in


be dedicated to
be delighted at/with
be derived from
be disgusted at/with
be devoted to
be disappointed with/at
be discriminated against
be divorced from
be done with
be dressed in


be engaged to
be equipped with
be excited about
be exposed to


be filled with
be finished with
be furnished with


be impressed with
be interested in
be involved in


be known for


be limited to


be made of (if there is only physical change in the raw material)
be made from (if the raw material changes chemically as well as physically)
be made out of (if you alter an item, and use it with a different aim)
be married to


be obliged to someone
be opposed to


be pleased about/with
be prepared for
be provided with


be related to
be remembered for


be satisfied with
be scared of
be separated from
be shocked at
be surprised at
be synchronized with


be thrilled at/with
be terrified of
be tired of/from
be troubled with


be upset with someone
be used to


be worried about

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