Past Perfect Passive

Forming Past Perfect Passive

Affirmative FormObject + had + been + verb3 (past participle)
Question FormHad + object + been + verb3 (past participle) ?

Something had been done by someone before sometime in the past.

Active : The brave men had defended the city.
Passive: The city had been defended by the brave men.

Active : The little girl had broken the window.
Passive: The window had been broken by the little girl.

Active : Had Dorothy solved the problems?
Passive: Had the problems been solved by Dorothy.

Active : Those prisoners had robbed five banks.
Passive: Five banks had been robbed by those prisoners.

Quick Exercise

Put the following sentences into passive voice. (past perfect passive)

1. Dr. Richard had saved Silvia's life.

2. The Americans had discovered another planet.

3. Hospital staff hadn't accepted the injured man.

4. Jerry had received the check just in time.

5. Jim had received an anonymous gift.

6. Who had designed the plan of that villa?

7. Firefighters had put out the fire successfully.

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