Passive Voice With Modals

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Forming Passives With Modals

Affirmative FormObject + may, must, can, could, ought to, should + be + verb3
Question FormMust, may, can, should, might + object + be + verb3 (past participle)

Something must / can / should... be done by someone at sometime.

Active : Our English teacher may give an exam today.
Passive: An exam may be given by our English teacher today.

Active : Thomas has written many books.
Passive: Many books have been written by Thomas.

Active : Do you have to pay the bill before leaving the restaurant?
Passive: Does the bill have to be paid before leaving the restaurant?

Active : Juan can give them some information about the job.
Passive: Some information can be given about the job by Juan.
Passive2: They can be given some information about the JOB by Juan.

Active : You must obey the traffic rules.
Passive: The traffic rules must be obeyed.

Quick Exercise

Put the following sentences into passive voice. (Modals)

1. You may forget the rules quickly.

2. You should study the lessons repeatedly.

3. Benjamin must win the competition.

4. They should cancel the game.

5. The doctor can't persuade her.

6. They need to repair my car.

7. Who should pay the damage?

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