Present Perfect Passive

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Forming Present Perfect Passive

Affirmative FormObject + have / has + been + verb3 (past participle)
Question FormHave / has + object + been + verb3 (past participle)

Something has been done by someone at sometime up to now.

Active : They have cleaned the clinic.
Passive: The clinic has been cleaned by them.

Active : Thomas has written many books.
Passive: Many books have been written by Thomas.

Active : Have the police caught the man?
Passive: Has the man been caught by the police?

Active : UPS has delivered the letters.
Passive: The letters have been delivered by UPS.

Quick Exercise

Put the following sentences into passive voice. (present perfect passive)

1. Has the surgeon performed the operation?

2. Has Lionel signed the contract?

3. Our salesmen have sold all the carpets.

4. The zookeepers have captured the lion in the forest.

5. Dr. Phillips have treated all the patients.

6. Have the customers paid you?

7. Everybody has approved Joana's suggestion.

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