Past Continuous Passive

Forming Simple Past Progressive Passive

Affirmative FormObject + was / were + being + verb3 (past participle)
Question FormWas / Were + Object + being + verb3 (past participle) ?

Something was being done by someone at sometime in the past for a while.

Active : The boy was throwing the stone.
Passive: The stone was being thrown by the boy.

Active : What was he writing on the desk?
Passive: What was being written by him on the desk?

Active : Was the suspect dragging you?
Passive: Were you being dragged by the suspect?

Active : Nobody was watching TV.
Passive: The TV wasn't being watched (by anybody).

Quick Exercise

Put the following sentences into passive voice. (past continuous)

1. They were expecting a guest.

2. The chef wasn't cooking the meat.

3. The women were cleaning all the blinds.

4. They were watching the newest videos.

5. Who was taking care of the baby?

6. Why were they picking the flowers?

7. Were they painting the room when the accident happened?

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