Passive Voice Worksheet 7

Use the given verb in either active or passive form in a suitable tense.

1. The Amazon valley is extremely important to the ecology of the earth. Forty percent of the world's oxygen ---- (produce) there.

2. The game ---- (win, probably) by the other team tomorrow. They're a lot better than we are.

3. There was a terrible accident on a busy downtown street yesterday. Dozens of people ---- (see) it, including my friend, who ---- (interview) by the police.
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4. In my country, certain prices ---- (control) by the government, such as the prices of medical supplies. However, other prices ---- (determine) by how much people are willing to pay for a product.

5. Yesterday the wind ---- (blow) my hat off my head. I had to chase it down the street. I did not want to lose it because it was my favorite hat and it ---- (cost) a lot.

6. Right now, Sean is in hospital. He ---- (treat) for a bad bum on his hand and arm.

7. Yesterday a purse-snatcher ---- (catch) by a dog.

8. While the thief ---- (chase) by the police, he ---- (jump) over a fence into someone's yard,

9. where he encountered a furious dog. The dog ---- (keep) the thief from escaping.

10. Frostbite may occur when the skin ---- (expose) to extreme cold. It most frequently ---- (affect) the skin of the cheeks, chin, ears, fingers, nose, and toes.

11. The first fish ---- (appear) on the earth about 500 million years ago.

12. Up to now 20.000 kinds ---- (name) and ---- (describe) by scientists.

13. New ---- (discover) every year, so the total increases continually.

14. Proper first aid can save a victim's life, especially if the victim is bleeding heavily, has stopped breathing, or ---- (poison).

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