Must vs Have To / Has To Exercise 1

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Must & Have To / Has To

Fill in the blanks with affirmative or negative forms of must or have to & has to.

1. It's raining outside. Jim take his umbrella.

2. I can give you my car, so you buy a new one.

3. They be in a hurry, because they have got more than
enough time.

4. You stop at the red light.

5. Tomorrow is Sunday. You get up very early.

6. Mrs. Parks can't see very well. She wear glasses.

7. You return them. They are too small for you.

8. I am broke, I borrow some money to buy a car.

9. You stop smoking. It is very harmful.

10. Mr. Dickson is travelling abroad this summer, so he get his passport soon.

11. All the students obey the school rules.

12. It's freezing outside, so we take a cab and not walk.

13. Students look at their notes during the test.

14. I have a terrible headache, so I leave early.

15. Snow has blocked the roads. We stay here until it's cleared.

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