Must/Mustn't Have/Has To Exercise 2

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Must & Have To / Has To

Choose the correct modals:
must, have/has to, mustn't, don't/doesn't have to.

1. You take me home because my father is giving me a lift.

2. You talk to her like that, she is your mother,

you be kind to her.

3. Today is the due date, we pay the bills.

4. Natalie do the laundry today as it's her sister's turn.

5. I take a cab to work today or else I will be late.

6. To be eligible for financial aid, one be 21 years of age or older.

7. One of the big projects has been terminated by the client so we work overtime anymore.

8. Tonight's game is very important. You miss this one.

9. You do everything he says,

but you respect him.

10. Proper identification is required at the entry so everyone have their IDs with them.

11. If Kathy wants to stay healthy she have a diet high in fiber and low in fat.

12. You get at least 7 hours of sleep tomorrow night for the upcoming exam.

13. One obtain a passport to travel abroad.

14. You read the instructions carefully before you turn on the machine otherwise it could be dangerous.

15. We read the instructions, just turn it on, it's simple.

16. We give him everything he wants or else we will spoil him.

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