Mustn't vs Needn't vs Can't

Choose mustn't, needn't or can't.

Tell Ana that she is grounded tomorrow. She (1) go out at all. She also (2) forget to mow the lawn and water the plants. You (3) let her play any games until she's done with all the chores. She (4) go to sleep very late either, she needs to wake up early. You (5) worry about feeding the dog because I will take him with me. There is her favorite chocolate in the fridge but she (6) eat it all, you have some too. You (7) do any cooking because there is more than enough food for the both of you while I am gone. You (8) make too much noise, we don't want to bother our neighbors. I (9) come back until I finish my project but I will call you when the work is finished so you (10) worry about me.

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