Past Perfect Tense Exercise

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Fill in the blanks using the Past Perfect Tense to complete the sentences.

1. We ---- (meet) before you moved to Los Angeles.

2. When I got to the office, they ---- (leave).

3. By the time the spring came, the flowers ---- (bloom).

4. I was able to pass the exam since I ---- (study) regularly.

5. The movie ---- (already start) when we arrived there.

6. Before she traveled to Lisbon, she ---- (reserve) the hotel room.

7. I ---- (have) my lunch when they offered to eat out.

8. It wasn’t until I arrived home that I realized I ---- (lose) my keys.

9. Upon arrival at the airport, she realized she ---- (forget) her passport.

10. I was able to understand her as I ---- (know) Lea for more than ten years.

11. When the police came, the thieves ---- (already escape).

12. By the time you understood the problem I ---- (find) the solution.

13. He was fired because he ---- (give away) some documents.

14. I knew what to do because I ---- (experience) it before.

15. By the late sixteenth century, American silver ---- (account for) one-fifth of Spain's total budget.

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