Simple Past vs Past Participle Exercise

Complete the sentences by using the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use simple past, past participle or past continuous.

1. After Ken ---- (complete) his project, he worked out in the gym for a while.

2. As soon as Michael ---- (learn) English; he signed up for the Spanish course.

3. By the time Mike ---- (attend) the meeting, Alice and I had already discussed important issues.

4. Before Jake went to England, he ---- (buy) many books about this country.

5. Just as Sally ---- (go shopping), she realized that she had to make an important phone call.

6. Jennifer had cried until she ---- (exhaust) herself.

7. When I ---- (meet) Kelly at the airport, she was really upset because of her lazy brother.

8. As I ---- (try) to choose a nice DVD movie, my friend gave me a call.

9. While you ---- (watch) TV, I was sleeping.

10. Before Adam ---- (learn) how to drive a car, he had to go everywhere on foot.

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