Present Continuous Statement Form

Complete the following exercise using the present continuous tense statement (positive) form.

1. My baby (sleep).

2. David (wait) for me.

3. Sandra (eat) a burger.

4. He (read) a book.

5. My kids (watch) TV.

6. They (look) at me.

7. My wife (drive) a limo.

8. Lucas (ride) a bike.

9. We (study) English.

10. Lea and I (paint) the fences.

11. Michael (help) me.

12. He (carry) a lot of boxes.

13. Andrew (drink) tea.

14. I (wash) the dishes.

15. My father (do) the shopping.

16. She (brush) her hair.

17. My sister (come) over.

18. I (bake) a cake.

19. Thomas (smile).

20. I (listen) to you.

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