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Simple Past Exercises
Use the verbs in the box in Simple present, Present continuous, Simple past or Past continuous tense.


1. I ---- a lot of horse-drawn carriages in rural areas while I ---- through Bulgaria.

2. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists ---- the Blue Mosque, which ---- by the Romans in the sixth century.

3. Helen ---- the crowded streets at all as there were a lot of people who ---- to sell souvenirs to tourists, which she found really annoying.

4. Be silent, please. I can't hear anything. I ---- a holiday in Virginia with the travel agency at the moment.

5. I ---- so many clothes with me when i go for a short vacation because I hate carrying around a lot of luggage.

6. Our hotel room ---- the beach and we could also see the whole area of the hotel from there.

7. The natural and historical riches of Turkey ---- millions of visitors from around the world.

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