Present Continuous Tense Exercise

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Complete the following sentences using present continuous tense. (positive, negative or question)

1. My son (talk) on the phone right now.

2. (you / sleep)?

3. Jason (do) his homework at the moment.

4. Tom (work) on a project nowadays.

5. My kids (play) in the garden now.

6. Some people (wait) to talk to you.

7. My wife (not cook) today.

8. (Lucas / study) for his exam right now?

9. (Ryan / play) the piano now?

10. Lea and I (paint) the fences today.

11. Andrea (help) me at present.

12. My children (not listen) to the radio now.

13. Selena (not drink) tea now.

14. I (vacuum) the carpet right now.

15. My father (watch) TV now.

16. What (she / eat) right now?

17. (your dog / hide) from the cat?

18. What book (you / read) nowadays?

19. Thomas (drive) me home now.

20. I (wash) my face at the moment.

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