Mixed Pronouns Quiz 3

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Classic Style Exercises:
Pronouns Exercises
Choose the appropriate pronouns to complete the sentences.

1. I didn't buy ---- in the end.

A) nothing
B) something
C) everybody
D) anything

2. It's not good if everyone ---- to get ---- own license.

A) wants / there
B) want / their
C) wants / their
D) want / theirs

3. He was an only child, so he had to learn how to amuse ----.

A) himself
B) him
C) anybody
D) each other

4. They always defend ----. If you blame one, the other will spring to her aid.

A) themselves
B) one another
C) him
D) them

5. He claimed to be an expert, but he knew almost ---- about it.

A) everything
B) nothing
C) anything
D) something

6. If ---- had called, they would have left a message.

A) anybody
B) nobody
C) everybody
D) no one

7. No one can find Alice and David ----.

A) everywhere
B) somewhere
C) anywhere
D) nowhere

8. Despite her father's complaints, she decided to live ---- in Canada.

A) herself
B) of her own
C) by herself
D) her

9. The music in the house was so loud that everybody had to shout to make ---- heard.

A) herself
B) oneself
C) themselves
D) them

10. There was ---- to help me so I had to do all the cleaning myself.

A) anybody
B) no one
C) somebody
D) everyone

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