SAT® Sentence Completion Exercises 3

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For these exercises, choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences. These will help prepare for SAT Sentence Completion Tests.

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Multiple choice section of Vocabulary Exercises page
1. Regarded as the world's ----linguistic theorist, Noam Chomsky continues to create new theories about language and language learning.

A) abundant
B) hostile
C) resentful
D) abusive
E) foremost

2. Many ---- craft objects are less functional than the ones in the past.

A) repetitive
B) contemporary
C) massive
D) rational
E) sincere

3. Unlike fossil fuels, which can be used only once, wind and solar power are ---- sources of energy.

A) renewable
B) mutual
C) random
D) virtual
E) relevant

4. With age, the mineral content of human bones decreases, thereby making them more ----.

A) intimate
B) deliberate
C) concurrent
D) diverse
E) fragile

5. The knee is more likely to be damaged than most other joints because it is subject to tremendous forces during ---- activity.

A) vague
B) hospitable
C) vigorous
D) liable
E) vertical

6. Jupiter has no solid surface and is surrounded by zones of ---- radiation.

A) intense
B) coward
C) manual
D) immoral
E) shallow

7. So me have a very ---- sense of hearing, although most do not hear sounds audible to the human ear.

A) defensive
B) sparse
C) dismissive
D) keen
E) secular

8. Giant pandas resemble bears in shape and in the slow ---- way they walk.

A) clumsy
B) bitter
C) portable
D) customary
E) tender

9. Wherever there is plenty of rain during the growing season, life is ---- in various forms.

A) punctual
B) superficial
C) loose
D) irritable
E) abundant

10. Bacteria living in the soil play a(n)---- role in recycling the carbon and nitrogen needed by plants.

A) envious
B) domestic
C) mature
D) vital
E) respective

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