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For these exercises, choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences. These will help prepare for SAT Sentence Completion Tests.

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1. I have so many friends, but deep down, underneath, I have a fear of ----.

A) admission
B) insistence
C) loneliness
D) disability
E) contradiction

2. They were on their way to the airport when their car was involved in a ---- with a car.

A) collision
B) vicinity
C) destruction
D) junction
E) challenge

3. Cataract operations are a(n) ---- of modern surgery, with a success rate of more than 90 percent.

A) obscurity
B) accumulation
C) dignity
D) obedience
E) triumph

4. In our country, low pay is the main ---- cause of a job, especially among teachers who work at state schools.

A) evacuation
B) installment
C) restriction
D) demolition
E) dissatisfaction

5. You should wash your sandals in cold water to remove all ---- of sand.

A) implications
B) traces
C) deceits
D) penetrations
E) proportions

6. My company employed one of my relatives last month, but unfortunately I had been far wrong in my ---- of his capabilities.

A) accusations
B) deprivations
C) estimates
D) attributions
E) inspirations

7. As a result of the increasing shoplifting offences, the government has warned that the police should take tougher ---- to contain the trouble.

A) oppositions
B) measures
C) dimensions
D) developments
E) peculiarities

8. There were a deep-rooted racial ---- long before the two countries became rivals and went to war.

A) hospitality
B) donation
C) deduction
D) prejudice
E) extinction

9. The recent oil leaking from a barge in the Mississippi River poses a(n) ---- to the drinking water of New Orleans.

A) hazard
B) addiction
C) consistence
D) adoption
E) habitation

10. Although I am terribly offended, it is my ---- to remain in my position until a new manager has been appointed.

A) immunity
B) intention
C) boredom
D) temptation
E) rehearsal

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