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For these exercises, choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences. These will help prepare for SAT Sentence Completion Tests.

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1. The students are not allowed to use this room as it is ---- for teachers.

A) exclusively
B) thoughtfully
C) correctly
D) improperly
E) frankly

2. I cannot wait to learn the result of the interview as it is ---- important for me.

A) rarely
B) flexibly
C) interestingly
D) vitally
E) voluntarily

3. I could have voted for this candidate if he had spoken more ----.

A) sensibly
B) slightly
C) previously
D) bitterly
E) closely

4. I won't be able to buy a house as the prices have risen ----.

A) classically
B) faintly
C) enormously
D) mainly
E) distantly.

5. I can ---- remember what he said but I think it was something about his past.

A) vaguely
B) illegibly
C) promptly
D) clumsily
E) evenly

6. The dog broke away from the garden as it was ---- tied to the tree.

A) forcefully
B) tightly
C) essentially
D) loosely
E) firmly

7. The prime minister dismisses criticism that he has ---- neglected the economy and social issues.

A) indifferently
B) constantly
C) habitually
D) attentively
E) nastily

8. Infants are ---- dependent on their parents to meet their physical needs.

A) joyfully
B) generously
C) vulnerably
D) uncommonly
E) softly

9. When I called to have an appointment with my doctor, I was told that he had to leave ---- for personal reasons and would not be available the whole afternoon.

A) urgently
B) faithfully
C) partially
D) indirectly
E) decisively

10. Had the authorities concerned acted ---- and promptly in the past, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people would have been saved from the tsunami disaster.

A) faintly
B) merely
C) roughly
D) inconsiderately
E) vigilantly

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