Sentence Completion Exercise 5

Complete the given sentences and check your answers. Prepare for major tests such as GRE, SAT etc.

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Sentence Completion 5
Complete the sentences with the most appropriate options.

1. The Committee wanted to know ----.

A) if there was a detailed study to see the cost of the project
B) that the administrators were not good at dealing with problems
C) why did the costumers start to complain
D) when the proposed plan will be executed
E) whether the sales manager is to be dismissed

2. ---- that nobody wanted to purchase it.

A) Although most of the costumers were interested in the painting
B) It was such a well designed car
C) The necklace at the auction was so enchanting
D) The exam that I took yesterday was very difficult
E) The house was so deteriorated from lack of maintenance

3. ---- but it causes to premature aging as well.

A) Wearing make up all the time can make you seem pleasant
B) Drinking large amounts of alcohol or taking excessive drugs may take you to death
C) High blood pressure may cause hair loss in some people
D) Overexposure to the sun while sunbathing not only results in sunburns
E) Having aesthetic surgery may at first sound good

4. The government wanted to know ----.

A) that some officials had apparently taken bribes from arms dealers
B) who is leaking their plans to a reporter illegally
C) as much as it could about its people so it could effectively control them
D) what can be done to improve standards in universities
E) how and why did farmers adopt new farming techniques

5. Despite the fact that the Constitution guarantees citizens the right to practice the religion of their choice, ----.

A) police often are too slow to save members of religious minorities who are victims of crimes
B) that the government is not good at dealing with problems
C) In some countries, governments have laws or policies to discourage religious discrimination
D) most of the members of ethnic minorities are grateful for it
E) the President had notified all religious groups that they should register or cease all religious activities

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