Sentence Completion Test - 4

Complete the given sentences and check your answers. Prepare for major tests such as GRE, SAT etc.

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Complete the sentences with the most appropriate options.

1. I had to postpone my trip to Australia last week ----.

A) as I have lost my passport
B) since the airline employees are on strike
C) due to hospitable weather conditions
D) for my wife had a traffic accident which she was injured in
E) if I had known that you lost your mother

2. I almost lost my cafeteria assignment ----.

A) when I had insulted my boss
B) although I hated them
C) when the supervisor caught me throwing planes made from paper to my friends
D) as I have failed to welcome customers enthusiastically
E) since I am not punctual

3. Students who have missed exams ----.

A) although they had studied for them a lot
B) will have to take it again unfortunately
C) were allowed to take a comprehensive makeup
D) due to weather conditions had to contact the Registrar's Office within 48 hours
E) have to hand in a document confirming their excuses

4. By the time the doctor came in to examine my daughter, ----.

A) she has been suffering from headache for three hours
B) I will try to keep her calm as she is afraid of dentists
C) the nurse has already injected her the vaccine
D) her temperature had risen to 40 centigrade
E) I will have to wait outside

5. The earlier one gets the treatment, ----.

A) the sooner he recovered from his illness
B) since he or she may be in need of it
C) the more effective it is likely to be
D) as I forgot to take the pills my doctor recommended
E) he gets rid of his problems

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