Sentence Completion Worksheet 3

Complete the given sentences and check your answers. Prepare for major tests such as GRE, SAT etc.

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Complete the sentences with the most appropriate options.

1. Above all his many talents, Ray Charles had the ability to interpret and sing songs in such a way ----.

A) that he was a man with numerous talents
B) as to fill the words from the depths of his own heart, carrying this emotion to the listener.
C) so went on to become one of the most successful African-American artists of the 20th century
D) in fact he was the musician most responsible for developing soul music
E) he put it to good use on early-'60s hits

2. Having received five harpoons, ----.

A) the shark was able to get rid of the nets.
B) the men were finally able to catch the whale
C) It was virtually impossible for the ant to survive
D) which were made of iron
E) the whale couldn’t withstand any longer and submerged into the deep

3. The old woman sitting in front of me asked me ----.

A) if I can open the window
B) that I looked like her grand daughter
C) what was my name
D) to read the address in the paper as she couldn’t see the letters clearly
E) if I recognized him or not

4. When he was threatened ----.

A) the owner of the company had informed the police about it
B) the businessman has receded from the auction
C) the prosecutor withdrew his charge
D) the young boy was imprisoned
E) the landlady took her tenants to court

5. ---- before the plane took off.

A) You should eat something
B) please don’t forget to fasten your seat belt
C) You never remember to phone me
D) I am sure you haven’t seen the pilot
E) I hope you didn’t forget to switch off your mobile phone

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