Simple Tenses Practice 4

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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. The skill of safe driving ---- necessary to avoid collisions, which ---- many thousands of people annually.

is / hurt
was / will hurt
would be / is hurt
will be / were hurt
is / would be hurt

2. As the doctor ---- into the room the nurse ---- him the temperature chart of the patient.

was coming / will hand
will come / was handing
is coming / will be handing
came / handed
comes / was handing

3. After natural gas ---- out of the ground, it ---- to a processing plant where it is cleaned of impurities.

comes / goes
is coming / will go
came / will be going
will come / will go
comes / was going

4. When I ---- to the park with my friend Jake, we ---- fun because it was such a nice day.

was going / have
would go / were having
went / had
am going / will have
go / will have

5. Anatomy ---- the branch of biology that ---- with the structure and organization of living things.

is / would deal
was / is dealing
will be / dealt
would be / deals
is / deals

6. Although footballers mainly ---- their feet to move the ball around, they ---- any part of their bodies other than their hands or arms.

are using / used
will use / are using
were using / will be using
use / may use
used to use / used

7. The little girl --- to remain sitting under the table until her father ---- home.

wants / will come
wanted / comes
would want / will come
wanted / came
will want / come

8. The lecturer ---- the student who was the closest to the door to turn off the light when the film ----.

is asking / is starting
was asking / would start
asked / started
would ask / starts
asked / would start

9. In ancient times, the status of manual laborers ---- low as slaves ---- most physical labor.

is / would do
was / did
would be / do
was / would be doing
will be / was doing

10. The digestive system ---- a group of organs that ---- primarily to convert ingested food into metabolically useful substances.

was / would be functioning
will be / function
is / function
would be / was functioning
is / will function

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