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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Grace keeps hoping the bird that she ---- in the pet store yesterday ---- her birthday present.

sees / will be
will see / was
saw / will be
sees / would be
was seen / would be

2. The author ---- quite annoyed when she ---- that the publisher was very dishonest.

will be / will determine
was / determines
would be / will determine
was / determined
is / is determining

3. He and his family ---- at our home in Canada when he ---- to a conference, and that was a great experience, too.

were staying / come
will stay / came
stayed / would come
are staying / will come
stayed / came

4. She ---- for her pen when she discovered that she ---- it in her handbag all the time.

was looking / had
is looking / has
looked / would have
was looking / will have
would look / would have

5. We ---- warm clothes on the field trip because it was cool outside but we ---- take any of the m out of the suitcase.

were taking / won't have to
took / didn't have to
will take / will have to
are taking / don't have to
took / will have to

6. She ---- very well but her sister cooked much better when i ---- her.

is cooking / know
was cooking / know
cooked / would know
cooks / knew
will cook / will know

7. For a long time people ---- that the world was fiat and that people could fall off the edge.

are thinking
may think
are thought
will be thinking

8. The robber --- sure that no one ---- before he crept through the window.

was making / will look
made / is looking
makes / looks
will make / is looking
made / was looking

9. Many people in the energy industry ---- natural gas will play a bigger role in electricity production as the demand for electricity ---- in the future.

believe / increased
will believe / would increase
believed / would increase
believe / increases
would believe / increases

10. Because anxiety often ---- more than one cause and is experienced in highly individual ways, its treatment usually ---- more than one type of therapy.

had / will require
will have / was requiring
has / requires
had / will be requiring
has / had required

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