To Be in Past Tense

The Forms of "Was - Were"

Affirmative FormI was sick.
Negative FormI was not at home
I wasn't at home.
Question FormWere you in Canada?
Was David absent yesterday?
Negative Question FormWeren't you busy?
Wasn't she your teacher last year?

To Be - Affirmative
I was
You were
We were
They were
He was
She was
It was

Example Sentences:

a. I was very tired after the exam.
b. My kids were in the garden.
c. Sandra was late for school.

To Be - Negative
I wasn't
You weren't
We weren't
They weren't
He wasn't
She wasn't
It wasn't

Example Sentences:

1. We weren't so happy in those days.
2. It wasn't a sunny day.
3. Daniel wasn't on a vacation.
4. My sister wasn't at the theater.
5. The boss wasn't so satisfied with the work.
6. Marry and Lucas weren't married.
7. There weren't any comics on the table.
8. They weren't so fit.

To Be - Questions
Was I
Were you
Were we
Were they
Was he
Was she
Was it

Example Sentences:

1. Were you surprised?
2. Was Brian from Brazil?
3. Was that your school?
4. Was the project ready?
5. Was the carpet torn?
6. Were Macy and Tony married?
7. Were they students?
8. Was he your husband

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