Am/Is/Are vs Was/Were Exercise 2

Fill in the blanks with “am, is, are, was, were”.

1. What you doing yesterday at about 5 oclock?

2. I sleeping when you called me last night.

3. your grandfather retired last year?

4. I cannot find my books. They here two minutes ago.

5. Everything ready; so let the games begin.

6. When you born?

7. These skyscrapers among the tallest in the world today.

8. My old car rusting in the garage; so I sold it.

9. The new manager really very kind, I'm sure you'll like him.

10. The teaher not satisfied with my homework; so I need to redo it.

11. Many roads blocked as there is heavy snow today.

12. Consuming too much of anything considered bad for your health.

13. There several cottages over the hill a decade ago.

14. I'm sorry but this table reserved; so you need to find another.

15. Don't panic but there a spider walking on your shoulder.

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