Be Allowed to vs Let Exercise

Be Allowed to vs Let Exercise - Let / Allow

The answers to the following exercise will appear in the box at the bottom of the page when you click on "Submit Worksheet".

Fill in the blanks with let or allowed to.

1. My roommate reminded me that passengers ---- (are not allowed to / don't let) use electronically operated devices on the plane.

2. The hotel management ---- (is allowed to / lets) us use the mini bar in our room.

3. Holidaymakers ---- (are not allowed to / do not let) interfere with the timetable arranged by the tour guide.

4. John's parents ---- (are allowed to / let) him have an expensive and comfortable holiday.

5. I ---- (am not allowed to / don't let) go out in the evenings.

6. Students ---- (are not allowed to / don't let) use their calculators during the exams.

7. The guards ---- (are not allowed to / don't let) visitors in after dusk.

8. Pets ---- (are not allowed / don't let) in the classrooms.

9. Jim ---- (is not allowed to / doesn't let) Jeffrey talk bad about him.

10. Nobody ---- (is allowed to / lets) smoke at the gas station.

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