Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Free Online Reading Comprehension Worksheets For ESL / SAT / GRE / TOEFL / K12 :

Practice your reading skills and improve your English while learning new facts from interesting reading passages. Our short reading articles with follow up comprehension questions are great resources for ESL EFL teachers or to prepare for major exams. Readings are also good for K12; best for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade or 5th grade students.
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Reading Comprehension Worksheets
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K12 / TOEFL / ESL / EFL Reading Passages

1-4. Opera / Dolphins / Unsinkable Ship / Erosion in America

5-8. Venus's Atmosphere / Special Abilities / Brain / Bermuda Triangle

9. Sunset

10. Ultralight Airplane

11. Practice of Medicine

12. Traffic Accidents

13. Human Developing

14. The Great Hanshin Earthquake

15. Mother Tongue

16. World War I

17. Stonehenge Monument Article

18.  What is Tic?

19. Filmmaking

20. Poetry Short Reading

21. Nature vs Nurture

22. Common Cold and Flu

23. Bringing up Children

24. Active Passive Smoking / Nicotine

25. Men and Women

26. Educating Students

27. Parenting Fears of Children

28. Panda Bear Article

29. Women Taking Husbands' Name

30. Is tea Beneficial?

31. Speaking vs Listening Article

32. Discipline Children's Behavior

33. Homeless People

34. Communication in Groups

35. TV Effects on Children

36. Unconditional Love / Motherly Love

37. Origins of Written Literature

38. Struggle Against Obesity Article

39. Pride and Prejudice

40. Experiments on Animals Reading

41. Magellan Ferdinand

42. Poisonous Snakes Short Paragraph

43. Alcohol Consumption and Women

44. Technological Progress Article

45. Earthquake Reading Article

46. Note Taking While Reading

47. Novelist Samuel Richardson

48. Aristotle and Galen

49. Rousseau and Romantic Move

50. Nuclear Danger

51. Insects and Spiders Passage

52. Greek Homer, Odyssey and Troy

53. Laura Redden Searing

54. Adaptation To Change

55. Gladstone O'Neill Short Article

56. Prometheus and Fire

57. Albert Einstein Short Biography

58. Mahalia Jackson Biography

59. How to Live Longer Quick Hints

60. Sugar and Its Structure

61. Rocks / Gasses in the Air

62. Mental Illnesses Article

63. Modern Airplane Navigation System

64. Stratosphere Layer of Atmosphere

65. Fusion vs Fission Nuclear Energy

66. Natural Gas in Oil Article

67. National Health Service

68. Insects and Agriculture Passage

69. Texas School Cafeteria

70. Too Much Togetherness

71. Princess Diana

72. IQ Scores, Effort and Success

73. What is a Virus Made Of?

74. Sukarno - Short Exercise

75. Witness Testimonies Reliability

76-77. Blue Jeans + America's Eagle

78. Insects

79.  Work Animals Reading K12

80. Emperor Penguin Facts Reading

81. Brazil Nut Tree Facts
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