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Read the following passages and find the irrelevant sentences in each paragraph.

1. Garfield

(I)Garfield is a comic strip featuring the cat Garfield, the pet dog Odie, and their socially inept owner Jon Arbuckle. (II) The main character is Garfield, who is a lazy, overweight, orange cat. (III) He considers himself to be more intelligent than humans or dogs. (IV) He was named Garfield after his grandfather. (V) He hates Mondays and loves lasagna apparently.


2. Alfred Hitchcock

(I) With more than fifty feature films Alfred Hitchcock remains one of the most popular directors of all time. (II) Hitchcock's films draw heavily on both fear and fantasy. (III) He began directing in the United Kingdom. (IV) They often portray innocent people caught up in circumstances beyond their understanding. (V) The movie Rebecca, which evokes the fears of a young bride, is a good example of this.


3. Doping

(I) Doping is the use of drugs to try to improve sports performance. (II) This practice is banned by sports federations throughout the world. (III) Athletes need to know which substances are banned in sport. (IV) The use of drugs during athletic festivals is evident. (V) Furthermore, they must make sure that any product or medication they take does not contain a prohibited substance.


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