English Grammar Rules Explanations

English Grammar Rules Explanation: Grammar knowledge is among essentials in learning a language. Online lessons are very convenient to learn and excel in grammar rules and become more confident in using the language. Choosing between good and well for example, much and many, may or must.

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Grammar TermsDetailed ExplanationsQuick Examples
adjectivesAdjectivesfree grammar lessons
adverbsAdverbsDrive slowly
adjectives vs adverbsAdjectives vs Adverbs Good vs Well
a / an / the Articles Articlesa test, an exam,
the test you took yesterday
Auxiliary VerbsAuxiliary Verbs Learning English will be free.
CausativeCausativeI had my room cleaned.
I got him to learn English.
Conjunctions / Transitions Conjunctions
Conjunctions Practice
and, but, so that...
Determiners / QuantifiersDeterminers / Quantifiers
Determiners Practice
little, a little, few...
Lots of time, a few students
Gerunds and infinitives Gerunds / Infinitives I keep thinking, I hope to see you
Homonyms Homonyms Bass-Bass, Deer-Dear, By-Bye
If clauses If Clauses If only you were here
ImperativesImperatives Lesson NotesCome here, Learn English, Sit down
Indirect SpeechIndirect SpeechJackie said that she was watching TV.
InversionInversion ESLNever again will I work for her.
Irregular Verbs Irregular VerbsGo, went, gone
Modals / Auxiliaries Modal Verbs must, should, have to...
Nouns Nouns bus, family, Ohio
ParticiplesParticiple ClausesPresent, Past and Perfect Participles
Parts of Speech Parts of Speech Subject, Verb, Object...
Passive Active voicePassive VoiceThe letter was delivered
Phrasal VerbsPhrasal VerbsBlow up, break down, ask around...
PrepositionsPrepositionsIn, On, at, of...
PronounsPronounsI, mine, that, those
Question tags Question Tags Lessons are free, aren't they?
Relative ClausesRelative ClausesThe girl who won the competition is single.
Reported Speech Reported Speech SentencesJohny told me to go with him.
Complex Sentences
Tenses Verb TensesI see you all the time, I saw you yesterday
I have seen you before...

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