Phrasal Verbs List

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
ask someone out invite on a dateWhy don't you ask Carla out to dinner?
ask aroundask different peopleI asked around but nobody is helping.
add up to somethingto combineYour savings will add up over time.
back something upreverseBack up your truck so I park.
back someone up supportWe will back you up financially.
blow up explodeThey blew up the tanks.
blow something upadd airBlow up the balloons.
break upto separateKatie broke up with her boyfriend.
break downstop functioningMy car broke down in the middle of the road.
break something downdivide into smaller partsBreak it down so we can understand better.
break inEntering by force The thief must have broken in from the back door.
break into somethingenter by forceSomeone broke into my car yesterday night.
break outescapeMichael broke out of Fox River penitentiary.
bring someone downmake unhappyDon't let your relationship bring you down.
bring up to raiseJessica was brought up by her grandparents.
bring something up start talking about a subjectYou shouldn't bring up this subject when you are in public.
call aroundphone different peopleI was calling around all morning to book our flights.
call someone back return a phone callI will call you back when I finish my homework.
call something offcancelIt's false alarm, you can call it off.
call someone upphoneCall me up when you are in town.
calm downto relaxYou can't think right, you need to calm down.
catch upget to the same pointYou two start running, I will catch up to you.
check inarrive and register Let's check in first and then we can go to the rooms.
check outleave a hotel>Wait for me, I need to check out and return the keys.
check someone/something out look at carefully, to investigateThey are checking us out before hiring.
check outlook atCheck out that girl with blue shirt.
cheer one upmake happierDon't worry, I know how to cheer her up.
chip inhelpEverybody chipped in to gather that much money.
clean upto clean, tidy Clean up your bedroom tonight.
come across find unexpectedlyI came across these old photos when I was cleaning up my room.
come apartseparateThe sides of the box come apart.
come forward to volunteer I will award whomever comes forward for this job.
come up withthink of Russell came up with a brilliant idea.
count on rely onI can count on this phrasal verbs list for tomorrow's grammar quiz.
cross something out draw a line throughPlease cross those numbers out, they are invalid.
cut downmake something fall to the groundThey cut down all the trees.
cut in interruptI couldn't have a nice conversation with him because his friend kept on cutting in.
cut offremove with something sharp They will cut off the stitches next week.
cut offstop providing Are you saying that you couldn't do the homework because the electricity was cut off?

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