Phrasal Verbs Quiz 2

Complete the sentences with the appropriate phrasal verbs.

1. We arranged to meet at ten o'clock last Sunday but John didn't ---- on time.

A) give in
B) look up
C) put out
D) turn up
E) find out

2. I had better leave, I don't want to ---- my welcome.

A) give up
B) go off
C) run down
D) wear out
E) take in

3. It was a mistake that I didn't ---- the contract before signing it.

A) look through
B) called out
C) come by
D) get up
E) catch on

4. John is a rich man because he ---- a lot of money last year.

A) went through
B) checked in
C) fell behind
D) came into
E) figured out

5. Liz decided to ---- jogging as she needed to lose weight urgently.

A) go against
B) take up
C) run into
D) hand in
E) get at

6. I will buy this bag since it is exactly what I have been ----.

A) calling off
B) giving away
C) taking after
D) making out
E) looking for

7. As we have been informed that the weather will get worse soon, we have decided to ---- the tennis match.

A) take out
B) put off
C) make up
D) go by
E) hand out

8. Before ---- for Los Angeles, it is urgent that I get my car serviced today.

A) holding on
B) letting down
C) giving out
D) finding out
E) setting off

9. I am trying to ---- from my roommate since I don't want him to be infected as I am.

A) take on
B) keep away
C) clear up
D) turn down
E) give back

10. A lot of plant and animal species are in danger of --- at the moment.

A) dying out
B) paying off
C) turning on
D) setting out
E) running over

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