Phrasal Verbs D-G

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
do something over do again I have to do the project over because I used the wrong data.
dress up wear nice clothing They dressed up for their anniversary.
drop back move back in a position/group The troops dropped back after the big explosion.
drop in/by come without an appointment What are the drop in hours for the clinic?
drop someone / something off deliver one or something some place Just drop me off by the market, I will walk home.
drop out quit a class, school etc I dropped out of high school because I started working.
eat out eat a meal at a restaurant We eat out every weekend.
end up eventually decide to, to end with I don't want to end up buying a new house.
fall apart break into pieces This is not good, my entire plan is falling apart.
fall for be tricked by, believe I can't believe you fell for his lies.
figure out find a solution by thinking I can't figure out how to solve this problem.
fill in to write in blanks Please fill in the form.
fill something out to write information in blanks Fill out an application.
fill something up fill to the top Fill the bottles up with water.
find out discover What if she finds out that you are lying?
get along with like each other Do you get along with your in-laws?
get away go on vacation I feel so tired, I just want to get away.
get away with something do without being seen or punished Do you think we can get away with cheating?
get back return I need to get back to work.
get on/in somethingstep onto a vehicle Come on, get in the car.
get over something recover from an illness, difficulty You can' be sick this weekend, please get over it.
get over something overcome a problem I just want to get over this school project.
get to someone/something reach They know where he is, they finally got to him.
get to do something have the opportunity I get to go out with the most wonderful girl tonight.
get together meet ( usually for social reason) Lets get together for a BBQ this weekend
get upget out of bed I feel sleepy, I got up so early today.
get up stand Get up, we need to go, it's getting late.
give someone away reveal one's secret He will go to jail if you give him away.
give something away give something for free They are giving away free books at the library.
give something up quit a habit He needs to give up smoking.
give up stop fighting She is very passionate, she won't give up easily.
go after someone follow someone Make sure nobody is coming after us.
go ahead start, proceed Go ahead and press the search button.
go back to return I need to go back to school.
go out leave home and go on a social event Are you going out tonight?
go out with someone date Do you think she will go out with me?
go over something review We will go over the phrasal verbs before the exam.
grow apart> stop being close over time Mathew and Anna grew apart after they started college.
grow up become older She has grown up since the last time I saw her.

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