Phrasal Verbs Test 3

Complete the sentences with appropriate phrasal verbs.

1. I have to ---- my notes once again to make sure I have learned all important details before the exam.

A) stand for
B) put up with
C) take after
D) pull down
E) go over

2. My check-up results indicate that I have to ---- all my bad habits at once.

A) keep on
B) let down
C) give up
D) put across
E) bring up

3. We haven't been able to decide on who is going to ---- our baby while we are on the business trip next week.

A) fall out
B) come to
C) get by
D) look after
E) go on

4. Today, there is a tendency in our culture to ---- the people who haven't been to a university.

A) take off
B) show off
C) turn over
D) look down on
E) run out

5. The soldier will be brought to trial because he is thought to have ---- state secrets to the enemy.

A) backed up
B) given away
C) broken out
D) turned off
E) run over

6. In order not to lose its market share, our company must ---- the latest technological developments.

A) hold up
B) drop in
C) fall apart
D) wear out
E) keep up with

7. It is obvious that the new law has ---- some revolutionary changes in the current tax system but there are still some points to be revised.

A) brought about
B) broken away
C) taken in
D) pulled out
E) come at

8. If it weren't for the loan I got from the bank, it would have been impossible for me to ---- my own business.

A) set up
B) cross out
C) drop off
D) take down
E) throw up

9. Though he loved his fiancée very much, the boy acted in accordance with his parent's wishes and ---- with her.

A) set out
B) turned out
C) made up
D) broke up
E) looked in

10. The fact that the inflation rate has ---- in recent months indicates that the government isn't following a reliable economic policy

A) put forward
B) come down with
C) given off
D) gone up
E) put out

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