Phrasal Verbs List H-P

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
hand something in submit Hand in your homework before you leave.
hand something out give something to a group of people The teacher is handing out the worksheets.
hand something over give Your knife, hand it over.
hang in stay positive (informal) Hang in there, the semester is almost over.
hang onwait (informal) Hang on, I will be right back.
hang outspend time together(informal) Do you want to hang out tonight?
hang upend the callI hate it when she hangs up on my face.
hold onwait Hold on, I am coming.
hold onto hold tightlyHold onto your hat, it's windy.
hold onto know it's value Hold onto your kids, they are all you've got.
keep on continue The guy kept on looking at me all night.
keep outdon't let enter Keep the pets out of the bedroom.
keep upcontinue at same levelWell done Charlie, keep up the good work.
lay outto spend She lays out a fortune on jewelry.
let someone downto disappoint I am counting on you, please don't let me down this time.
let someone inallow to enter Let James in, he is with me.
look after take care of You go to your meeting, I will look after the kids.
look down on consider inferior He always looks down on me just because I didn't finish college.
look for try to find Are you looking for your keys?
look forward to be excited about I'm looking forward to meeting that girl.
look out / watch outbe careful Look out! the dog doesn't seem friendly.
look out for be careful Look out for wild dogs when you are traveling abroad.
look upsearch in dictionary / encyclopedia You should Look up the words you don't know on this website.
make something uplie about something Don't make things up, tell him the truth.
make upjustify a mistake I am guilty, I will do anything to make it up to you.
make upput on cosmetics Make me up pretty, I want to look good tonight.
mix upconfuse Don't mix up phrasal verbs look after and take after?
pass awaydie She got sick after his mother passed away.
pass outfaint She just passed out when we were walking.
pass something out give something to people The teacher started passing out the exams at noon.
pay for somethingbe punished Whoever did this is going to pay for it.
pick outchoose I Picked out the ones you like.
point outshow with finger The lady pointed out who tried to steal her purse.
put someone downinsultHe put me down in front of everybody.
put offpostpone Good news! The teacher put off the exam.
put outextinguishUse the fire extinguisher to put out small fires.
put up with tolerateHe is so annoying, I can't put up with him anymore.
put onto clothe oneself Put on your jacket, it's getting cold.

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