Phrasal Verbs With Look

Read the sample sentences and try to guess the meaning of each phrasal verb, then match them with the correct definitions.

1. Perhaps some day it will be pleasant to look back on these school

2. Small boys often look down on little girls and refuse to play with them.

3. I will look in this evening to see how she is.

4. Two men were fighting and the rest were looking on.

5. Look out! There is a car coming.

6. I'm going to look over a house that I'm thinking of buying.

7. We're leaving here tomorrow, so we will spend today looking around the

8. Look through your old clothes and see if you have anything to give away.

9. If you don't know the meaning of that word, look it up in the dictionary.

10. There is a mystery about his vanishing and the police are looking into it.

1. Look for something in the appropriate book

2. Pay a short visit

3. Despise

4. Turn the head too see, go sightseeing

5. Consider the past

6. Investigate

7. Be careful

8. Inspect critically, revise quickly

9. Examine a number of things to select some of them

10. Be a spectator only, not a participator

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