Phrasal Verbs Exercises

Complete the exercise with the correct forms of the phrasal verbs in the boxes.

hang uplet downthrow outend up with

I just (1) my first issue of Motorcycle Mama. I'm nobody's mama and I don't own a motorcycle, so how did I (2) this subscription? Well, my neighbor's son was raising money for his soccer team, and I didn't want to (3) him (4) . It's easy to (5) on telemarketers, but it's hard to say no to your friends and neighbors.

get tohelp outwatch out forfall for

The magazine company (6) me through a friendship. It's one of the ways "persuasion professionals" get us to say yes. Of course it's OK to (7) the local soccer team. But a lot of people (8) scams because of similar techniques. (9) these scams!

give backfind outgo along withlay outturn down

When someone gives you something, you want to (10) something (11) . This desire to return a favor can cost you money when a telemarketer announces you've won a vacation or a new car. These offers aren't free. When people (12) them, they always (13) that there's a tax or a fee to collect the "free" prize. Since they've accepted the offer, they feel obligated to pay. You should (14) these offers (15) . These are scams all too often people (16) money and receive nothing.

fill outcount onput onturn uppick out

A TV actor will (17) a doctor's white jacket and talk about cough medicine. In a magazine ad, a woman in a business suit will help you (18) the best investment firm. Ads with fake "authority figures" are easy to spot, but there's a new Internet scam that's harder to recognize. The scammer sends e-mails that seem to be from well-known banks. They tell you that a problem with your account has (19) . Then they send you to an Internet site to (20) forms with your account information and password. The site seems to have authority-it looks like a real thing. But a real bank will never ask for your information over the internet. You can (21) that!

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